No more excuse not to get involved with your child's education

With the authenticated login ID System, parents can easily track the performance of their child in both academic and extracurricular activities by checking through the report option. Parents can very easily extract the child attendance details. Timetables and event schedules can also be viewed which gives an opportunity for the parents to keep on track the day to day happenings in the school. Fee details like the amount and due date can easily be viewed by the parents at the distance of few clicks. Any overdue pays and their details can also be extracted.

Latest App Features

Easily View your Children's Current Standings

Ever wonder how Your child perform in school? The wait is over; Parents can now track their children’s performance in their fingertips

Always in-the-know in terms of children's School Activities

Wondering what you invest in your child’s education? EdConnect provide all the system to keep you in the loop for every school activity

Never Miss Any Fees

Ever miss paying your school fee? Don’t worry, We got you cover! Our notification system will remind you of any coming fees

Improves Communication

EdConnect improves communication between parents, teachers and school by providing a platform that is simple to use, quick, and secure

Core Modules

  • Attendance Information
  • Grading Information
  • Messaging (Teacher)
  • Payment Reminder
  • Payment History
  • Reminder (Activity, Assignment & Tests)
  • Student Timetable
  • Student Assignments

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