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Being a student is hard enough, let us help you keep track of things. Login to a single portal and view a detailed timetable of your classes, teachers, lesson plans, assignments and exams. Any changes to your schedule will show as a notification alongside recently published grades and attendance records.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

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We realize that communication plays a very important role in developing one’s character. Therefore, We take the learning beyond the classroom. For the first time students’ are able to communicate with each other in discussion or share different initiatives with each others.


Grades and Attendance

Being a previous student, what frustrated us the most is not being able to anticipate or strategize our studies. With EdConnect Grading Information, student can now will be able to anticipate or even create a goal setting with a very good indicator.

Core Modules

  • Attendance Information
  • Download Resources
  • Grading
  • Messaging
  • Reminder (Activity, Assingmnet & Tests)
  • Student Login
  • Student Profile
  • Subject Management
  • Timetable

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