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What is EdConnect?

Empowering Schools, Students, and Parents Everywhere

EdConnect an all-in-one solutions for running your education institution. It simplifies administrative works, improves accessibility of information, facilitate intensive communications and provide data visibility for all aspects of the school such as student, teacher performance, finance and administrative work.

Our System
Designed & Developed with you in mind

All-in-One System

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution plus some more.


EdConnect’s User Interface and excellent User Experience is the result of extensive research and clever design.

Modern Web Technologies

In today’s mobile world, You’ll be able to use this system from anywhere with just your browser. They are smart, powerful and very easy to use.

How EdConnect can Help you?

By helping you make better predictions that simplifies future decision making.

  • Our system structures the schooling of students and automates daily school work; Giving the ability to completely replace traditional paper-based grading and attendance records to electronic-based, making school administrative work simpler and less time consuming. Information can now be easily accessible and reports generated to provide an overview of the school on-going processes.

  • By analyzing thousands of key metric points covering each aspects of the school operations, we are able to help by not just identifying the problem but in answering the big question of what should you do next?.

Benefits of EdConnect

High Performance, Small Price

We’ve made it our goal to empower everyone through our system. That’s why, we’ve created our pricing flexible, without compromising our quality standards.

Cost Effective

We allow schools both big and small to take advantage of today's technological advancement without spending a lot of time and resources on development and maintenance

Increased Productivity

The time savings alone by using our system guarantees a significant return on investment and is the easiest way to increase the productivity of your institution.

Efficient Data Management

Hard drives fail and computers crash. What happens then? By using our system, all of your data will be stored in our secure server and as a redundancy plan, backed-up in three different continents to ensure that everything is secure and available no matter what happens.

Providing the best possible service to our customers without a breaking a sweat

Maximize Resource Allocation

Running an education institution is enough hard work. Let us help you carry some of that work by managing the Information Technology side of it so you can focus your resources on more important things.

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