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Smart Dashboard

Ever growing with constant innovation

Our Smart Dashboard will help school owners and principals to gather information and help them in making the best decision.

Scheduling & TimeTable

Saves Time and Effort

Configure and manage multiple courses by creating a clear and error free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across your institution.

Mobile Apps

Easy Management

Catching up with your child’s education is no easy task. With our mobile app, all important information is at your fingertip. Minimalistic login screen. Just enter your EdConnect username and password to access the mobile dashboard.


Our notification system will help you to always get on top with the latest update regarding your child’s education.

Mobile Ready

EdConnect can be accessed on all mobile devices as well. It has been optimized for every browser, which means, log in to EdConnect on the go from your favorite mobile devices.

Instant Messaging

Both teachers and parents can now rest assured. With our internal instant messaging, both teachers and parents do not need to disclose their personal details and yet you can still keep in touch.



Mark and Track student's attendance quickly to enable teachers to focus on the lesson at hand


Save hours of data entry, improves efficiency, and help keep track of application process

User Access Management

Our advanced user management functions allow you to assign different privileges to different users

Import & Export

Saves time and effort by uploading data to EdConnect or downloading for backup using predefined CSV files.

Messaging System

Powerful messaging system for all your communication needs without giving out your personal information.


Generate custom reports using a wide range of filters.

Student Remarks

Provide feedback and general comments about a student’s performance in class and in examinations

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