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What is edConnect?

EdConnect is a complete, integrated solution to run your educational institution. We simplify administrative work, improving information accessibility, facilitate active communication, and provide data visibility for all aspects of school.

The system is designed to be used by every school department, from administrators to principals. Our web-based system enables users to access consistent information from schools, home, and anywhere.

Features and Benefits

Monitor multiple schools in real-time and analyze each school's performance compared to the targeted key performance indicators.


As the highest authority in a school, principals can monitor the performance of every department easily, anytime and anywhere, and solve problems before they escalate.


Everything the school need, in one platform. Inter-departmental information can be obtained instantly, without wasting paper and time, and minimizing errors in information handling.


As the first-line in every school, teachers can use edConnect to manage attendance, grades, and monitor every student's performance.


Parents can track their children's academic development easily with edConnect, from attendance, agendas, extracurricular activities, to payment and direct communications with teachers.


EdConnect can help students organize their tasks and schedules. By logging into our system, students can access class agendas, teachers, subject planning, tasks, and exams.

How can edConnect help your school?
We can help you make better predictions for future decision-making.

Our system enables a more structured education and day-to-day operations, eliminates the need for a traditional paper-based system, and simplifies administration work to save time and costs. Information can be accessed instantly, and reporting can be done more easily to monitor ongoing school activities.

By analyzing a multitude of metrics in every aspect of school operations, we can help you identify problems in the school's processes and provide meaningful data for decision-making.

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