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Security, Technology, & Integrations

How secure is edConnect?

Privacy and Data Security

EdConnect stores your data in a tier-4 data center, so you don't have to worry about data breaches.


Banking-grade Encryption

We use a banking-standard encryption to store all private information, and the HTTPS security protocols will ensure traffic security through our network.


Our comprehensive API enables seamless third-party integration with edConnect. Our system supports direct third-party connection to our API, so schools can integrate existing systems in a controlled database.

Hardware (IOT)

Tap Card & Fingerprint Sensor

EdConnect enables the use of alternative attendance recording methods, including tap cards and fingerprint sensors. Attendance data will be automatically integrated with the system and can be analyzed.

3rd Party System

Full API

EdConnect's system supports integration with several partner services, including, but not limited to SAP. This ensures easy integration of edConnect systems with existing systems and a seamless transition between applications.


Payment Gateway

To help parents pay for tuition and other fees, we have integrated DOKU to enable payment through credit cards, bank transfers, and even through Indomaret and Alfamart.


Virtual Account (Bank)

Virtual accounts helps the finance team to recap student payment easily. The finance team no longer have to perform manual checking on payments. Virtual account integration is supported by every Indonesian major bank.

edConnect Implementation Process
A successful implementation ensures a system's short- and long-term performance.
Consider us an internal team that is always ready to help and accompany you in every step.

1. Process Analysis
Implementation begins with a gap analysis to compare the processes in your institution with our system. Our team will provide suggestions to improve process efficiency in your school.

2. Cloud/Hybrid/Local Installation
Every installation scheme has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the needs and limitations of each institution. We will provide options for the best installation schemes in your institution.

3. Data Migration
Whatever your data format: paper, Excel, or other databases, we are ready to help you transfer your data to a suitable format, depending on your desired service level. You can also submit a raw data format, and data processing will be performed by our team.

4. Training
We understand that a change in the system needs time for adjustment and adaptation. Therefore, we provide unlimited training for your team, from the moment the system goes live, until every user can use the edConnect system to its fullest extent.

5. Long-term Support
Implementation is not over after training. Our team will provide active, long-term support for every department to ensure everything goes smoothly - During the end of a term, our team will help your time prepare grade reports.

6. Audit
Periodic audits will help you measure the effectiveness of a system in your school. Identify staff members, teachers, and students that actively use the system, how long they use the system, and the degree of utilization.

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