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An all-in-one integrated solution for schools

Registration and Admission

From registration, filling forms, entrance examination scheduling, and re-registration.

Financing and Tuition

Payments for tuition fees, book fees, and all financial transactions are always recorded in the application. We support multiple payment gateways, including virtual account transfers, credit cards, or direct payment.

Purchasing and Inventory

Purchasing of supplies and school equipment is always recorded in the system, and inventory tracking can be performed easily with edConnect.

Resources and Salary

Manage teachers and school staff in the application, calculate taxes automatically, and take control of staff salaries and compensation.

Medical Unit

Inform teachers on students' existing medical conditions, and parents can be automatically notified if a student requires medical attention.


Announcements can be distributed quickly and easily to all students in the school. Track which students that have read the announcement, and send notifications to remind them of the announcement.

Alumni Management

Follow the development of students after graduation, and involve school alumni in events to strengthen the school network.


Our system is designed to be flexible, and supports a multitude of national and international curricula.

Lesson Planning

Plan lesson contents and processes through edConnect to duplicate and standardize lessons easily.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Take your school into a digital learning age. Learning materials, tasks, discussions, and examinations can be performed completely online. Our system provides a simple and structured platform for all online learning needs.

Intelligent Computer-Based Testing

Teachers can create and distribute online quizzes and examinations quickly and easily. EdConnect supports almost every type of assessment, including multiple-choice questions, short answers, essays, and true/false questions. Answers can be automatically graded by the system or graded manually.


Record student grades directly in our system, and the grades can be viewed directly by parents are students. Grade weighting can be performed by the system automatically.


Make clubs and extracurricular activities a part of a holistic learning approach. Attendance, membership, and activity scheduling can be modified directly from the system.


Integrate school library into the system to provide a comprehensive book list, and track book borrowing and returns easily.


Record student and teacher attendance directly through the application, fingerprinting, RFID, etc. The system will record and analyze attendance data in real-time.

Automatic Report Book

Printing report cards is no longer a difficult and time-consuming process. The system will automatically calculate grades in student reports according to the school formulation.

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