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We've designed our system to be extra flexible. However, if what u're looking for is totally out of this world, let us know. We should be able to help u acomplish whatever it is you need


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No, you don’t. By using our cloud service, we are able to provide you with the latest and greatest technology accompanied with a level of service that is unpararelled while helping you reduce the cost of buying and maintaining equipments.
While fast internet connection is preferred; Our BASIC service plan only requires dial-up internet speed to function. Our system has gone through rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.
Yes. Rest assured that we take data security very seriously. Our security standard is on par with major banks and financial institution. All data is encrypted and stored in a Tier-4 Data Warehouse which is why it's probably safer with us than with you.
At EdConnect, we perform redundancy backup of your data in REAL-TIME. At any time, you can manually backup your data to keep on-site. On top of that, every month, we will send you a link of your data.
No, all updates are free forever. No hidden and extra charges.
It is not necessary. That’s the reason we're here. At EdConnect, it is our goal to help ducation institutions focus on what truly matters. Educating our future generations.

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Each plan is tailored made for your institution.

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